Best female extreme sex videos of nettle torture with pussy insertion, whipping prickly branches and girl self tortured with painful stinging nettles.

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Watch Free Porn Videos of Girls Tortured with Nettles and Thorns Plants

Female nettle play is a sexual torture practiced for BDSM people, where the dominant applies stinging nettles to the submissive's nude skin or she masturbates rubbing herself.

Rub with this urtication plant on pussy give the sensation of stinging heat, burning and itching of the vagina for several hours. Urtication can also be used like a whip or worn inside items of clothing as torment method. Stinging nettles increase the sensitivity of the skin with itching and intense orgasms between pain and lust. The nettle plant can cause skin irritation, blush, blisters very uncomfortable with stinging or burning.

Another brutal method of extreme torture is whipping the ass or boobs with plants or branches of forest trees. Female gets tortured by stinging branch nailing the thorns on the tits with each lash till there is no more place for new welts. Punishment with stinging branchs is a painful torture method because the pain of the lashes with the branches on the tits or ass is increased by the thorns of the plants that are nailed in the skin.

Some female enjoy self-torture with nettles rubbing directly her clitoris and nipples to maximun stimulation, pussy filling with nettles using special german speculum, inserting and fucking peehole with burning nettles, next masturbating with a Japanese vibrator. Other girls like ass whipping until get burning red bumps or anal nettle torture filling her ass with urtication plants and also fisting self masturbation to orgasm. Or the most extreme girls cervix playing with stinging nettles insertion.

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